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Join us on Saturday, February 18th at 9 AM on the Most Precious Blood Catholic Church campus.  Meet at the front porch for a 5-7 minute discussion about health and wellness by Kelli Thomazin, Physician Assistant-Certified

Then we walk for 30-60 minutes around campus for our health.

Door prize will be awarded

Click HERE to learn more about this wonderful program.

Questions: please call Kelli at 402-276-2886 or email us at ECOWELLNESSMPB@GMAIL.COM.

Here are some photos from our amazing kayaking excursion in August!

May 7, 2022 Hike – Florida National Scenic Trail

Our last hike back on November 16, 2020

Photos from our first hike in 2019.

Please join us as we, once again, Embrace Christ Outdoors.

For more information please contact Tim & Siobhan (Sha-von) O’Malley
So come and join us as we “Embrace Christ Outdoors”.