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Visit a crowded Roman marketplace, meet with the Apostle Paul, and tiptoe past Roman guards to meet first century Christians hiding in a cave! You’re in Rome with Group Publishing’s Holy Land Adventure VBS 2017. This five-day VBS encounters Paul and the Underground Church where kids learn God’s love is a gift, it changes us, is always with us, saves us, and is worth sharing.

Day 1





    • We meet Paul and his guard, Brutus Flavius Marco.
    • We meet members of the Underground Church in their secret cave.
    • Apprenticeship Games: Get ready for the Olympics.
    • Marketplace: Visit Water Watchers Oasis and the Carpentry Shop.

Day 2






  • We heard Paul tell how God’s love changed his life.
  • We snuck away to the secret cave to find out more about the Underground Church.
  • Apprenticeship Games: Play Popular Roman games.
  • Marketplace: Visit the Architect and the Wreath Maker.

 Day 3







  • We talked with Paul about how we’re never separated from God’s love.
  • We read Romans 8:38 and prayed with members of the Underground Church.
  • Apprenticeship Games: The Apprentice Charioteers and “wild horses” took a hilarious ride!
  • Marketplace: Visit the Leatherworker and the Metalworker.

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