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Message from our Parochial Administrator, Father Josh Swallows:

     We have a wonderful opportunity to exercise some hospitality to the Catholic students at UCF.  The students will all be returning to class in a couple of weeks, and as most of you know, I serve as the Chaplain for the University of Central Florida and the Catholic Campus Ministry.  One of the challenges we were facing at the Student Center is that given the current social distancing requirements, the room in which we would typically have Mass is still far too small to accommodate them.

     So… beginning on Sunday, August 22th, at the 5:30 pm Mass, we will once again be opening our doors to the students from Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF to worship here with us!

       I am really excited about this opportunity to have them experience more of our parish.  Of course, they have always been welcomed here and we have seen more of the students over the summer, but I think it would be beautiful if they all knew that Most Precious Blood can always be their home away from home.  I think our parish will be a blessing for them and they will be a blessing for us.  As many of you remember, we have always had a natural connection with Catholic Campus Ministry when Bishop Stephen Parkes began leading our community, he also served as their Chaplain back in the day.  I was a lay minister back then and I always knew Most Precious Blood as my Church whenever UCF did not have Mass, and thus it became my home parish when I entered seminary.

     In the spirit of community and the desire to help them out we will be their Sunday night Mass location weekly at the 5:30 pm Mass.   Students will be invited to serve in the Liturgical ministries as they would at the campus, invited to help with the Music ministry, and even have their ministry leaders give announcements for their weekly events.  What a wonderful opportunity to unite as one family in Christ and encourage these young people on their faith journey! Let’s make them feel welcome and at home.

Welcome back home to our UCF Knights!

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