Can cipro cause muscle pain

when i would reach behind me and touch them i felt pain. the first day of taking them, i had really bad anxiety attack and uncontrollable shaking - it was all really a bit strange and as mentioned above, bad stomach pains. it is no wonder that people like ourselves are in pain and sit frustrated on our couches, feeling like a part of our lives have been stolen from us, and we have no recourse at all! you have my backing and i am prepared to spread the word any way i cankind regards john 0. sure would like to get this product taken off the market–especially because i just learned that my adult daughter was prescribed cipro for a recent uti (no side effects to report for her thank god! now i wonder if it’s caused all of my other problems. i even had to have my liver checked to make sure there was no damage do to the complications of cipro. the initial symptoms were excruiating headache, stomach pain, sweats, vertigo, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, muscle spasms in both my biceps. do not live in the uk - i live in usa - this is my tenth anniversary from cipro and levaquin poison - perhaps is is because i had so much of it in the first place that has caused such a lasting effect but it has been 10 long painful scary years for me and continues on - i have yet to find a doctor that will give any consideration to the source of all of my health issues. they gave me a prescription for cipro 500mgs to take for 10 days, well within 3 to 4 days i ended up in the er again because the infection got worse. could i ask you what cipro you were prescribed and what specific effects are you enduring now. took levaquin for 33 days and during the time i was taking it for a prostate infection and urinaray tract infection, i was feeling pain all over my body. surgery was major to remove a small cancerous lesion, and the pain i suffered from the surgery was nothing compared to the problems i ultimately had from the cipro. i had previously had a heart catherization,my cardiologist called to check on me and i told them of my muscle pain in my calf; they told me to go directly to the e. right now i’m in considerable pain & hope that now i’ve stopped taking it i will get better. using cipro, i did yoga twice a day and i also exercised regularly. as soon as i came home i developed restlesness, i couldnt see, i had weird pains in my head, etc. now i can barely take two steps without being in pain. the pain in my tendons & joints has developed to the point where my right arm is about 75% useless & my right hip feels like it is out of socket & walking is difficult. i developed numbness and tingling in my face, twitching eyes, pain behind eyes, and continued dry eyes along with a buzzing in my right leg, muscle twitches all over, and tightness in my leg muscles. main symptoms 5 months on are pretty bad headaches all the time, they mainly feel like tension in the head but sometimes really sharp pains, severe neck and back pain and muscle cramps, pains in most joints of legs and arms. i was prescribed this drug for suspected prostatitus however this drugs appeas to have solved nothing and at the time of taking them i had a constant pain in my upper abdominal pain (where it felt like there was a war going on inside! my gaestroenterologist last week basically said there is nothing further he can do for me and suggested i revert back to my gp. i was prescribed cipro at the end of last year for 3 weeks (twice a day)and then again for a further 6 weeks in march / april this year. i was a runner running 6 miles a day and very healthy before cipro. mikei'm so glad your back because this is the only conversation i've had where someone has understood. i swear i can feel my trachea and small tubes in my lungs sticking together because of a lack of moisture. people who take ciprofloxacin may become more sensitive to sunlight than they are normally. had bad food poisoning and was prescribed 1000mg of cipro.

Can cipro cause muscle pain

should definitely consult with your doctor regarding your concerns about on-going complaints of muscle pain to determine whether you may have any ongoing tendon disorders. if you experience symptoms of low blood sugar, stop taking ciprofloxacin and check with your doctor right away:Symptoms of low blood sugar can include: anxious feeling, behavior change similar to being drunk, blurred vision, cold sweats, confusion, cool pale skin, difficulty with concentrating, drowsiness, excessive hunger, headache, nausea, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, shakiness, or unusual tiredness or weakness. back of me calves and shoulders feel like someone was stabbing me. didn’t have any immediate pain as some of the others have said that they did, but i did have the insomnia. i started going to physical therapy for the knee pain. there was i time i thought i was dying because of this medication. problem is i feel very torn between wanting to do more about the situation, but i don't know what direction that would take, and not wanting to because it's a massive step to start on that track. the day after i started it i had severe joint pain and a burning/tingling sensation in my hands.“after years of taking levaquin or cipro (cousin drugs), i took cipro on august 2, 2010, and have been wearing an air cast for tendinitis in my foot since august 28, over two months. have been experiencing alot of pain in back,hips,legs and stomach. there is no telling what other problems this drug can cause. i have read that there are no reports of long term problems after you stop taking cipro. i told the neurologist about cipro as a drug i had taken. an athlete reported that both she and her husband suffered with “strange thoughts, muscle pain, tingling, and shooting pains in our arms and legs.) course of it, i experienced muscle pain throughout my body.'s a medicine called ldn low dose naltrexone which cleared up the neruoplacey cipro left me after a week of poisoning earlier this year. i called my doctor on day three (last friday) and was told to stop taking cipro. levaquin a year ago for an ear infection and my tendons in my feet felt painful. finally they started me on an antbiotic of course it was cipro and given through an iv. but if i had any idea cipro could have such horrific side effects, i would never have taken it. i was given levaquin and cipro due to them not taking care of the problem. my bowels are very upset intermittently, sometimes severe pain, some days i’m so weak i cannot get out of bed. haven't been back to see the original doc that prescribed the cipro, as fortunately the original symtoms were cleared by the 6 days on cipro - so you could say it was a success from that point of view. as of now i see no end to this pain. after researching cipro, reading the complaints, and getting the response from the fda that i did, i do believe there are more people out there than are being reported having issues with cipro. was told by my doctor that i had tendonitis in the right thumb,at the time i was in so much pain i could not move my right thumb. reflecting back: i experienced pain in my hands/wrist, elbow & right hip shortly after starting the 10 day period., in such a state and doctors would not acknowledge the pain., this entire class of drugs can cause unexpected damage to soft tissue.

Can cipro cause back pain

my doctor said that it couldn’t be a reaction to the cipro, but the pharmacist i spoke to told me to stop taking it immediately, that it could cause my tendons to rupture.!been to my gp this morning and latest diagnosis is fibromyalgia - but guess what it appears that can be triggered by cipro - anyway now awaiting appointment with some sort of muscle specialist. was prescribed cipro for a kidney infection took it 3 days and had severe joint pain , headaches and pressure to the back of my head not to mention hallucinations and anxiety. i started have uncontrollable and painful muscle spasms from head to toe and thought i was having seizures. thought it was just me but sure glad to see i’m not a lone in the reactions from cipro,it was awful and my whole body hurt ad was dizzy and haven’t felt right since! i have had the jello legs about 3 times while at home and have fallen, one time hitting the back of my head that hurt for several days. i was prescribed cipro for possible kidney infection, two days ago. i stopped and the pain went away so i took his advice and started back. is it ok to go back to where we left off ?  he is going to see a neurologist soon to see what they think, but i really believe his decline is because of this medication. the pain levels soared through the roof which along with the anxieties kept me from deployment in 2004/2005. after 5 days i couldn't go on, so agreed i would stop - then after a couple of weeks the pain hit - severe muscle cramps, pain in joints, leg pain, headaches, neck pain, and worst of all severe anxiety, some of this has cleared up but 5 months later i'm still suffering. i had taken cipro a few years ago, on two separate occasions for uti/bladder infections. to this day at the age of 46, i continue to have joint pain & back pain. have been given cipro, levaquin and tequin i don’t even know how many times. was damaged by cipro when i was just 15 years old. have been given cipro for years and have tendonitus and a torn rotator cup tendon and live in puerto rico and they don’t give any black box warning just the medication. i shouldn’t have to take medication to solve another problem caused by another medication. day three i had a back ache, day 4 i couldn’t walk. check with your doctor right away if you have sudden pain or swelling in a tendon after exercise (eg, ankle, back of the knee or leg, shoulder, elbow, or wrist), bruise more easily after an injury, or are unable to bear weight or move the affected area. could it really be true that there’s a legitimate reason to blame those two drugs for my rather weird and stupidly painful onset of bicep tendon and carteledge inflamations. taking levaquin for four days and stopping when i suddenly could not walk, my blood work has come back showing an elevated sed rate. he said stop right away and start back in one month. practically, every joint and my lower back was in pain. they are asking the court to require the federal drug regulators to act on a petition filed 16 months ago requesting that new warnings be added about side effects of antibiotics, such as cipro and levaquin, which could increase the risk of tendonitis and tendon ruptures. suffered from a very bad kidney infection and was prescribed ciprofloxacin. i’m in so much pain every time i go up stairs, after getting up from a chair, muscle spasms in my leg and now i can’t even grip anything in my right arm. have been on and off cipro and levaquin for years and after reading all this, i now know what all my joint pain must be from. i immidiately started taking cipro to prevent possible infection to the area.

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i still have sharp pains in my thumb, if any lawsuits are going on i want to get in on it because the dr. i wonder if cipro and levaquin have made my golden years turn to brass since i cannot walk or function normally without the use of a cane, walker or medication. i also get really bad pressure pains across the front of my head and face, especially just after i wake up, it feels like bad sinus pain. this time i ended up in the hospital for 5 days with the cultures and the infectious disease people, finally they took me back to the or and they did what was called a wash out. i'm also taking vitamin c supplements and a probiotic for the gut bacteria(of course there is a theory that fibromyalgia could in some cases be caused by drugs like cipro - which is why it is getting more prevalent and doesn't have any known cure)only been taking it for a couple of days so to early to say if it helps at alllet me know the email and we can communicate furtherall the bestmike 0. fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin (cipro), levofloxacin (levaquin), moxifloxacin (avelox) and norfloxacin (noroxin) are used for a wide range of infections including bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, prostatitis and skin infections. this makes me feel like an old useless man and has placed me in a state of constant pain. nausea/vomiting and diarrhoea tend to be the main side effects to watch for although muscle and joint pain can occur rarely. pain in my hip after sitting or lying for long periods. so for me to experience this is scary because of the nerve damage associated with these antibotics. my sleep was not the same, very interrupted, muscle cramps, shoulder pains, numbness in arms, hands, fingers. i had never taken cipro before this, and sites like this one have just confirmed my belief that the cipro caused all the pain i’m in. i begin this by redacting 'tricked into cipro' i chose the worng words. now i’m having pain in my left shoulder, i have had surgery on my left shoulder for a tear in my rotator cuff, and thats what it feels like again. these drugs are quite popular with prescribers because they can help cure a wide variety of infections. mikefirst i'd like to say there are not many people on any uk forums complainting about cipro, so maybe we are the real unlucky lab rats. a couple of day after the last pill i got the worst pain in my life on my left elbo. have been taking cipro on and off for around 3 years, and i am taking strong pain medication i stay in so much pain in my muscles and back. in june of 2006 i had to have a lower back operation , i was put on leavquin and nothing happen to my body at that time as far as any ruptures but i never stop hurting every bone that could hurt did hurt. but now i’m retraining because missing too much work came too close to being fired. the cipro at that time seemed to not have no side effect for me… 2 weeks later i had to return to the er due to flu like symptoms in which i was told i had the beginning stages of pneumonia and they prescribed another week of cipro to me, within 3 days of taking the medication i seen no improvement, actually i felt 10x worse!  my mom has taken him to the er where they have done blood work and ct scan and everything has come back normal. the hardest part is finding a doctor that will believe that fluoroquinolones can cause this; as many symptoms and reactions seem to be delayed. the ear drops, which are prescribed to babies and children, have caused more severe reactions even though the dose was less. the physician assistant i saw suspected the drug was the cause of the tendonitis. when i woke up (sometimes at 2:30 am) i was up for good, i could never stay asleep or go back to sleep.- thats a start because no one else believes that or at least they are not owning up. took cipro 500mg twice a day for 5 days for a uti. after taking cipro, i developed severe pain in my left shoulder that radiated through to my left arm.

Can cipro cause back pain

my body had a very bad reaction to cipro that left my body numb. why should a 23 year old be in so much pain? side effects are rare, but be alert for changes in vision, rash, sores in the mouth, joint pain or stiffness, chest pain or heart palpitations, urinary changes, or. during the last 3 days give or take taking it starting with abdominal pain. on monday, i had a follow-up visit with my doctor and was still experiencing a great deal of pain in my left foot. i had terrible weakness in my limbs, prickly pains as if being poked with needles, headache, my throat began to swell making it difficult to swallow, sharp pain in the sides of neck, and terrible pain at the back of my neck,at the base of my spine. took cipro for two weeks at beginning of january for an infected leg ulcer. it has been 2 1/2 months and the pain is not as intense as at first but i am still in alot of pain. i shrieked with pain getting out of bed or chairs. current warning labels for levaquin and cipro do include indication about potential risk of ruptured tendons, but the information is at the bottom of a list of other side effects on the antibiotics. i ran a fever and by the time i got back home i was urinating blood. you, a friend or family member have suffered tendonitis or a tendon rupture which may be caused by side effects of levaquin, cipro or another antibiotic, contact the lawyers at saiontz & kirk, p. as a fire figher, it’s painful to work with hose and/or tools for long periods of time, but i have no choice, it’s my livelihood! i have had such horrible joint pain in my shoulders, elbows, wrists back, and especially knees and feet for the last 8 years for many different things such as chronic bronchitis, allergies, ear and respitory infections and other things. started the cipro today on 8/26/2008 and within a few hours my whold body was hurting. it is very hard to bend them to sit, or stand back up. have pain from the time that i get out of bed in the am, going up stairs, walking inclines, pivoting, stooping, and all other daily activities.’s getting worse as time goes by and just wondering if this problem could be caused from the levaquin? i then got another infection and took cipro and wham, it hit hard, legs and arms. put her on steroids which seemed to help yesterday until late in the day her legs were back to giving out. i can’t hardly get up after sitting down and want to cry with the pain when i do get up on them. they called me back saying they weren’t sure what was going on but wanted me to get on another antibiotic-macrobid, which i will start tomorrow. glad i haven’t had any joint pain but i hope this goes away too. for prostites for three months in 05 and 06 for flue an still have pain and stiffness in my heals told doctor first tinme and he said that might be one of side afects but only one he would prescribe cant work longer than three hours with out stiffness and pain. i had to have a picc line put in in 03 to take 2 more weeks of antibiotics since the 7 day stay in the hospital for cellulitis didn’t completely clear up and that caused a blood clot in my arm.” i have severe joint pain in my shoulders, neck, jaws, back and hips. i should have said 'i blithely took cipro thinking it was a type of penicillin and put my faith in the young doctor'. osteopath that examined me never found the problem because she was going on the supposition that i had a broken bone. i am dealing with pain in the right side of my body now and can hardly get any sleep at night - my left eye is so tender and painful - the bottom of right foot hurts too bad to exercise and has been this way for nearly 8 months.

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cipro for a uti, after taking only two pills i’m experiencing extreme lower back pain and aches in my right arm. severe muscle pain, joint pain in all joints, hot flashes, fatigue you name it has happened to her. my stool is very dark in color, i have diarrhea all day, i feel nausea all day and not to mention the severe acute pain i have at any given time, dry mouth ect. doc did discuss with me the treatment, but didn't offer any alternatives to the cipro (i've learned that it is very commonly prescribed for our kind of problem in the uk). i started researching the internet, and crying and crying because i have been experiencing the same things as so many others, although many have had even more tragic problems than i.’ve had cipro several times in my life, once for an extended period of time for an infection after surgery. all that have been affected by cipro and want to do something about it–count me in! was given a prescription for levaquin back in 2004 for pneumonia. and mineral formulas can also cause problems, so they should not be taken at the same time either. johni didn't realise it would stop exchange of emails either, how strange, anyway, happy to continue the discussion on herewhen i first started getting the strange symtoms, i started googling and when i found all the other people with similar stories i was getting very angry, and then having discovered the daily mail article during my research, i think i googled the journalists name and found their website and from there dropped and email and much to my surprise they phoned back. nonetheless i followed the doctors advice and finished both prescribed doses, however, months later the constipation has disappeared but i still have a constant adbominal pain and gas with bloating in the upper abdomen radiating through to my back. regular physician and my ortho felt that the cipro might have been the cause of my now ongoing struugle through the pain and physical therapy!“since i have taken both levaquin and cipro… i have had both calf muscles to tear in half just walking… i have a tendon that has hardened and balled up in the middle of my right foot. i didn’t care as long as the pain in my back and muscle would go away. d/c levaquin and slightly before d/c i was having pain in all my joints. after taking cipro for two days i started to notice my feet were really sore and it was difficult to walk. all i can do is adjust to new pain and new issues and pray that the next cycle of relapse isn't going to be the one that gives me cancer. was it the case of "no decision about me without me", because this is the critical time, deciding to gamble with powerful drugs. the really intense pain went away, but the decreased ability to walk (like someone who is 80 although i am not even 40), the inability to climb stairs (unless i take each step with my left foot only and the inability to stand on my toes are still here along with milder pain. his pain is located down the tendon from the bend of his arm to his fingertips. the doc did x-ray and ultra sound but their was no infection or sign of anything that would be causing such pain, so they gave me naproxen and sent me on my way. it takes me several minutes before i can even take a step and have to hold on to something to be able to walk, and the pain is so severe. i had no idea of the kinds of pain and side effects i’d experience from taking this drug cipro. countless dr visits, neurologists, pain mgmt doctors, rheumatologists, internal med docs…again you name we saw it. i have experienced severe joint and tendon pain in my elbows, feet, hips and most recently in my knees. i didn’t realize it was the cipro until i was brushing my teeth on the fourth day and my gums were bleeding profusely. i also develop pain in both knees and 5 large round spots down my spine. is obvious you have aquired much knowledge on bayer and cipro, but have you come across the stories in the daily mail and new york times john 0. a day or so later i had bad pain in my left shoulder.

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i finished my course of cipro about a month ago and still have the nagging burning sensation in all my muscles. upon release, i was given a perscription for cipro and another one after that. started out i could not walk the pain was extreme i.[…] against the fda as a result of their failure to act on a different petition filed as a result of side effects of levaquin, cipro and other antibiotics which increase the risk of serious tendon rupt…. i was diagnosed with pneumonia a week prior, went to the er because of feeling overly tired and week. i told a nurse practitioner about this and she denied cipro is bad. july (at 44 years old) i was prescribed cipro for a bacterial infection following surgery at a prominent nyc hospital and remained on the drug for at least two months before an infectious disease doc at another hospital in chicago abruptly stopped me (without explanation) from taking it and replaced it with cephalexin. so we are getting more in number because some people are greedy and some keep silent. think i;ve been lucky comparatively, from what you have experienced, although i'm constantly worried things will take a turn for the worse because of what i'v read about symptoms appearing for a long time afterwards. was prescribed cipro prior to a vacation in the dominican republic to prevent food poisoning or infection from contaminated water. no one should have to suffer 6 years of painful walking and such a hindrance to their daily lives because of such a toxic drug. i am now wondering if the increasing joint pain i have been experiencing for the last year or so & had attributed to my having worked as a plumber for 25+ years (lots of crawling around & heavy objects to carry) might actually be an outworking of exposure to ‘l’. i saw him yesterday (tuesday) and when he asked me what i was seeing him for, i explained that i had taken a prescription for cipro. however, all have proved negative and cipro has been the only common denominator in all of his ailments. took two 500mg cipro on may 5 and on may 9 had major surgery for my back. cipro should be removedfrom use to many people have been injured by it. in addition, they argue that those given the antibiotics should receive pamphlets specifically explaining how they should immediately stop using the drugs if they experience pain or inflammation, which could be symptoms before a tendon ruptures. it has been very swolen, week and painful and looks unattractive. instead of normal sleep, i wake up throughout the night in pain. here we trust our dr’s and take what they prescribe because they are told it’s safe! again, no immediate pain, but still the insomnia came back. the muscles had somehow contracted (is what it felt like) and i got this burning pain on both sides of my ankles just below the ankle bone. also am probably out of luck as far as a lawsuit because of the length of time that has passed even though my arm still hurts from time to time because of improper healing. this pain is just as bad as the kidney infection itself. several days later when i went home they gave me a prescription for 750mgs of cipro for another 10 days. he put his head in his hands and then told me that cipro is notorious for tendon issues. i went back to get a copy of the side effects from drug store and it said do not take with steroids. both were in such pain i could not even walk. called pharmacist but he said doesn’t show anywhere levofloxin causes gall bladder problems .

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this didn’t seem right; i called the doctor and explained that i didn’t think the cipro was agreeing with me, and could i stop taking it after two doses (i know you’re not supposed to just stop taking antibiotics suddenly). i am wondering if these problems could be related to levaquin or cipro i was taking for utis. may of 2008, i underwent cancer biophysies and was given the drug cipro to be taken for 8 days. i had severs anxiety which i could not figure out, paranoia, severe stomach pains, joint pains, and my calves and arms became so stiff and sore i could hardly move them. two weeks after the antibiotics i woke up with my foot joint swollen and my back all stiff. i have a high tolerance to pain but this is ridiculous. i am a nurse and have had a go from full time employment to part time because of this knee pain.. i have taken levaquin and cipro on only two (my recollection) occasions between 2001 and 2002/3. ent did relate my pain to the levaquin but again, made no big deal over it and made barely a mention in my record. just recently had a few trips to the er in which i was prescribed cipro.. now just today on the outside of my foot i have swelling and more pain., like you i was 2 x week at the gym and 50 mile bike rides at the weekend, now all i can do is a very gentle gym session and even that is very painful the next day. after they sent me home they wanted me to continue to take the levaquin for 5 more days but not having prescription coverage (costed 0 for a 5 day supply) i contacted the dr’s office and they said for me to finish the cipro so i would not do without. chemo brain thing is interesting, in a similar vien, if you look up fluoride poisoning which is effectively what the cipro does to you, i belive, it also causes those sorts of symptoms, i definitely feel like i don't concentrate or work as well as i did before all this happened. if this medication causes so many problem why is it okay and on the market. my husband has prayed for me many times and the pain would ease up so that i could function. tarun/johnthanks for your replies, i agree, from the research i've done, mostly it seems people in the us posting stuff about cipro - which is interesting since from what i've read, they are more careful with it over there, in fact the fda wanted to ban flourine based drugs and some companies voluntarily stopped making them but bayer who make cipro refused and i understand the legal process to get it stopped could take years!’m barely walking, shuffling around, sofa bound…in severe pain that i can’t shake. i started taking levaquin 500mg once a day for 10days for bronchitis, by the 8th i started getting neck pain. june of last year my doctor prescribed not only cipro, but also levaquin. i could barely use my left arm and i had pain in my left shoulder. even though i only took two doses – and will never take another – i wonder if i’ve caused myself permanent damage? medicine may cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. just wondering if this could be caused by the levaquin. or calcium-based products, including di-gel, gaviscon, maalox, mylanta, and tums, can dramatically interfere with the absorption of cipro. only took one pill and within 30 minutes was on my way to the er for a severe allergic reaction (hives, swelling, itching, etc) after several hours in the er i was released and since then i began my long journey with shoulder, arm, leg, hands, and feet pain. keep reading these stories, understanding the pain most of you have gone through. i am pretty sure levaquin and cipro were two of them.? i came to my own conclusion that it must have been the cipro after reading on the internet.

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every since i havev had pain, swelling ,stiffness and weakness. i believe the leviquin has destroyed something in my body that prevented the anxiety attacks and the joint pain.'ve kept the details from most of the family and only my partner really knows, she is very supportive but i've had some really bad depression at times and understandably she gets very frustrated because of my negative and angry behaviour. however, about a year and a half ago, i had an ear, nose, throat doctor prescribe cipro for my ear infection. i am scheduled to go to a pain center, so i’ll see what can be done to improve the quality of my life. i had horrible hip pain but the problem lately is that my whole respiratory track feels painfully dry! my wife developed joint pain after about 3 days & called our md who advised her to stop taking it as it affected some people like that. pretty much spent the whole time in bed because i couldn’t move or i hurt so bad i couldn’t get up without help, then someone had to stand next to me to make sure i didn’t fall over. i did not mention the leviquin story because i did not know the relatioship at that time. i didn’t know what to attribute the pain to, never had joint or limb problems. to the present – i developed pain in my groin & back last week & thought it was a kidney infection. i thought it would go away after i stopped taking it but it increased to muscle cramps, aches, joint pain & popping. the first time i was given cipro, i must have been about 15 or 16. that cleared up, but it still may have contributed to the knee pain i already had. it started with my lower back and was told after numerous visits to pain clinics, neurologists, for different medications, pain meds and shots. most doctor's won't even acknowledge that cipro could be the cause despite being perfectly healthy before taking it and having multiple problems subsequently. i barely kept a job but had to take of a tremendous amount of time and then work like crazy, in pain, to catch up. i went back to the doctor and he gave me more - i became too ill to take care of myself and had someone to drive me to the doctor he gave me a prescription for levaquin and steroids - needless to say i had around 70 pills of cipro and levaquin and steroids combined in a 6 month period. i have constant pain in my right elbow and wrist that runs into my hand. cipro is the drug that’s always prescribed for my condition. no money to pay for surgery, i had no idea that cipro may be the cause! checked on the cipro mail story author and found her articles very revealing, i'll cover that in the future. i did not connect my pain to levaquin until i saw an add on tv. one seems to have healed but the pain in my left foot is so bad i can not do much some days. he is unable to tell me what is wrong and i think from what i have read it is because of the levaquin. exposure to sunlight, even for brief periods of time, may cause severe sunburn, skin rash, redness, itching, or discoloration. i would probalbly be praising cipro if it had cured me. at that time, i will go back for a follow-up appointment with him. starting taking cipro due to a diagnosis of a severe utikidney infection.

took cipro and avelox three times – the last time in 2000. not to mention i was given 50 of those horrible cipro pills. both my podiatrist, who is treating my foot, and my acupuncturist, told me that ciprofloxacin is known for causing tendinitis. a couple of days later, i had swelling and a burning pain in the chest where my ribs connect. i started to get involuntary extremely painful spasms of my shoulder, upper arm and back lasting about 10 seconds a time. until then, i was just “biting the bullet”, assuming that my increased pain was due to a legitimate health problem. am not sure when exactly i took levaquin and cipro. a couple of months ago, i was having pain in my left arm and went to the doctor who told me that he thought i had tendonitis. that next year was followed by more extreme joint and muscle pain and fatigue. i already had great pain levels with the fibromyalgia, but now my pain levels have increased rapidly. you are a diabetic patient taking diabetes medicine by mouth: ciprofloxacin may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in some patients. think they have caused to much pain for to many people. i called back and demanded another antibiotic to treat the painful uti and they tried to give me cipro, i told the pa that i refused to take it also, she acted offended and got miffed that i would question her judgment. i’ve been chasing this pain ever since, and they can’t find a cause or fix it. because i use my right foot while driving all the time, it is not right that i should have to suffer pain every day with every step i take. three years of pain meds, every medication you can think of. i have right elbow pain, pain in both hands, all 10 fingers, both wrists, both ankles both feet, all toes, my legs are on fire 24 hrs a day. was diagnosed with a sinus infection in feburary 2011 was given 2 steroids shots and a two week supply of cipro.  my dad recently had surgery as a result of having to use a catheter he got a uti, and cipro was the medicine he was given to treat it.’s been a week and a half since i have been off cipro. need help in finding a doctor in my area may who have dealt with severe achilles tendonititis from cipro thanks. i know i spent a lot of money in medical bills, and had to drop out of college because of the physical pain. all of the sudden the things i have to do and love to do i can’t, or do in moderation with pain. i was also on weeks of cipro and levaquin, my entire body was blown apart like a bomb. they originally filed a petition with the fda on august 29, 2006 requesting that stronger warnings be issued about cipro and levaquin tendon rupture side effects. i still have various pains in the stomach but i don't really know whether thats due to the cipro or the pregabalin i'm now on to try and alleviate the other problems cipro has caused, such as severe muscle pain in most of the body etc - stomach pain and wind/feeling bloated are side effects of pregabalin as well so it's hard to know. for those 5 days i still had the pain in my hip… i have been off of it now for a week and i no longer have the pain in my hip, but it seems i am still weak and it is much harder to walk than it was before. in the early part of 2005 the pain in my right hip worsened. my right shoulder is clicking inside, painful beyond imagination, i’ve slept no more than 3 hrs at a time for a month since d/c the levaquin.

doctors were discussing " chemo brain" (check on computer) which sounds pretty much the same as cipro's "cranial pressure".. i noticed soon after the 2nd round of cipro, i experienced pain in my right shoulder and right hip. i'm not even sure that would be the way to go, because it obviously works for many people and i'm sure saves many livesmy main issue is with the consultant that prescribed them for what was a relatively minor issue, and to be honest i would rather have put up with if only i'd know what would happen. 62 year old mom was in the hospital with what turned out to be a virus but because she has stage 4 cancer they pumped her full of 4 different antibiotics one being levaquin now a month after being in the hospital (about 7 days being on 500mg levaquin) the tendons in her hips will not support her when she first goes from sitting to standing. at present, all of these symptoms persist and my general doctor is angry with me because i complained that they are ignoring my symptoms. through out all of this i was given morphin, norco, percocet,soma, zanaflex, and xanex, so of course i was’t feeling much pain. i took cipro for about 6-8 weeks under doctors orders. doctor put me on a long time cipro to help bladder infection with bacteria. so, after seeing my father experiencing the side effects of cipro, i have been on a mission and on many many sites trying to find something which will help him. within the year i had to quit, i could not hold anything for very long due to numbness and pain. when i went to er in pain, i told them i was taking cipro. the nurses asked me how i was doing in the 4 days i spent in the hospital and each time i mentioned the pain. a once temporary anxiety issue caused by grief in losing a brother and parents eventually turned into a bazaar series of anxiety merely over little things. i am not sure if i should worry, because i am not sure if i have any long term damage. and all flouroquinolones are all high contents of flouride this drug,cipro gave me dry eyes and dry sinuses pain in all 4 areas of the sinuses head pain that feels like a burn in the brain my doctor says no one has ever complained i think she gets kickbacks to prescribe this filfthy drug and i am mad as hell! i think they are trying to cover their butts while i’m sitting here writhing in pain.“the saddest thing about it is that i told the doctor who prescribed, that i had read older persons (i am 75) should not take ciprofloxacin. i stopped taking the cipro, too late, the damage was done. i have just been suffering with pain, weakness, and debilitation for two years now. cipro may cause digestive tract upset, nausea, pain or diarrhea, you may be tempted to use an antacid. currently i am being treated for the pain with pain medication prescribed by the doctor. the second week i developed swollen painful joints all over my body. 2010 while straightening the sheets on my bed the second joint of my middle finger popped back. taking a course of cipro, have got severe pain in my groin and have been advised cipro was to blame. my joint pain has not stopped and if i am not carefull or forget to stretch before doing any physical activity i injure my tendons. was given cipro for another uti in february, took one, and had difficulty breathing, tinnitus, and a rushing pressure in my head. wait at least two hours after taking cipro before swallowing an antacid. had no idea that this drug was the cause of my sleepless nights and agonizing pain! i was told that both injuries were from unknown causes (neither were said to be caused by weights or punching), which if true is fine – such is life, but if there’s a chance that those idiotic drugs caused them then ‘d love to punish the companies that pushed them.

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may cause diarrhea, and in some cases it can be severe. now after a year, the pain is every day of my life. it got so painful that my daughter, who is an opthalmologist, thought i might have a blood clot. i’m an rn that has been severely affected by the inability of living a normal pain-free life. before cipro he was an active, level headed, logical thinking man. did you get any impression of how many people suffer from cipro in t he uk each year/. mikesorry for the delay since your last post, its due to my friend cipro who i met 16 months ago. if i am on my feet a lot the pain is excruciating. old daughter was telling one of her teachers today at school and the teacher told her about levaquin and cipro. father has been 'floxed' (as the americans have appropriately labelled this) some 18 months ago following a prescription of ciprofloxacin for a urine infection.: i feel like both of my drs have totally blown off my severe pain! i’m in pain sitting here writing this, i”m used to having this pain and have learned to live with it for several years, taking tylenol when it gets really bad, just to get through the day. all - i was prescribed a course of cipro and diclofenac (nsaid - apparently not a good idea)and after day one i had to call my gp as i had anxiety, stomach problems and shaking - of course they said can't be the cipro keep taking it. then began seeing an infectious disease specialist who took me off of the cipro, still today (nearly 8 months later) i am experiencing pain in my left shoulder and arm and restless leg aches at night. i asked the surgeon if the inflammation could be due to damage from the cipro. the pain was so bad i went to the emergency room. the combination of nsaid and cipro pushed the drug into every part of my body. it was then that i heard on the news about the relationsip of leviquin and cipro. am 51 years old and have taken cipro and levaquin several times over the last five years for intestinal infections. the entire experience caused me so much continuing pain and anguish after humiliating myself.'m trying someting called muscleze from our local revital store, the guy in there was very knowlegeable and seemed to know something about fibromyalgia and it's symptoms, which are much the same as the side effects of cipro. tendon problems could be associated with all antibiotics which are part of the fluoroquinolone family, including:Cipro (ciprofloxacin). i was surprised to see that tendons have been known to rupture when taking cipro. but i still have pain in my right shoulder and upper left arm. i have a daughter who has lupus and i have always had empathy for her, but this has given me even more, because she feels like i do on a good day! given cipro to get rid of an ecoli infection and ear infection i got from scuba diving in mexico. there was a time about 5 years ago that i had problems with respitory infections and i practically lived on levaquin and cipro. the docs all attribute it to possible side effects from the surgery i had, but the reality is it was the cipro![…] >>prior post (1/7/08): cipro and levaquin lawsuit filed by consumer group regarding risk of tendon ruptures […].

severe pain passed, but i feel that i am still affected by the short dose. i still think its difficult to beleive the damage that cipro can cause. otc pain meds do nothing for the pain, a hitting pad is the closest i come to relief, and it’s not relief, just allows me to fall asleep at night, at least for a little while.'ve been doing some decorating, but i find apart from all the muscle aches, it's really hard to grip things like screwdrivers or paint brushes because i guess it's the tendons in the thumb joint become really painful, my partner has ended up doing most of the work which i find hard when you are used to doing this stuff. i’m so glad just to know that it’s not because i’m in my 40’s , and that there is a cause! back in feb 2008 i had an infection , flu like the doctor gave me levaquin to treat it. i walk with a limp now because i can barely push off with my right foot. however, possible warning signs are including black, tarry stools, blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin, bloody or cloudy urine, chills, decreased urination, diarrhea, fever, joint or muscle pain, red skin lesions, often with a purple center, sores, ulcers, or white spots in the mouth or on the lips, severe stomach pain, skin rash, swelling of the face, fingers, feet, and/or lower legs, unusual bleeding or bruising, unusual weight gain, or yellow skin or eyes. within a week i could not walk because of the pain in my legs. all my muscles ached and i had a severe pain in my left side. i had the tramadol because it took a month for my tendon to heal. and spread the word to all you know about how cipro is ruining lives. my body felt like it was on fire, i was sweating profusly, pains were shooting thoughout my entire body, my face turned bright red. my husband helped me to the computer and i researched levaquin, found out it was a poison, so was cipro, same stuff. i try to lead a full life but the makers of cipro caused my life to be altered forever. doctor prescribe me ciprofloxacin to treat a bacteria in my body from a cough i couldn’t kick. couldn’t sleep for tossing & turning due to joint pain. took cipro and have had life altering side effects, i can barely get around and i was a healthy middle aged man prior. over the next few years, off and on, i took (4) rounds of cipro as well as levaquin. surprise – i developed severe joint pain in my right shoulder & hips, & moderate pain in other joints. i thought is was the bug affecting my muscles, but now feel sure its the cipro. after a week, i stopped taking the ten-day supply and wrote a message on the prescription bottle that it was causing leg pains. was given levaquin and cipro in the summer of 2010 for urinary tract infections because i had foley catheters in place for a year. i have to work so i limp around in pain. i had a bad reaction to cipro and my doctor turned around prescribed me levaquin…. johnwell like you i took the doc's advice and took the tablets, i took 12 x 500mg over 6 days before i couldn't stand the side effects anymore and called the consultants secretary and told them i wasn't taking them anymore (it was for a suspected urinary/prostate infection)the initial side effects while i was taking the tablets were mainly severe anxiety, but also they seriously upset my stomach with bad stomach pains, i was also taking diclofenac at the same time, and from what i've read you should not take nsaid's and cipro at the same time as it makes the side effects worse (if that were possible)the bad bit kicked in about 2 weeks after i stopped taking them, with really bad muscle cramps in my upper body, chest. i had mentioned to the doctors at the hospital that my mother took cipro and they shrugged it off. interesting development though, went to see this rheumatologist last week, and he was the first doc i've seen who acknowledged the possible effects of cipro - his words when i mentioned that i'd been on them were "oh, cipro that's an interesting one", turns out he had been prescribed them, but being in the business, he'd read about the effects and decided not to take them, but he admited that they can certainly mess with your head. my gp put me on lorazepam which really helped the muscle pain and anxiety - for me it worked like a dream but it's really addictive so i'm trying to come off it and change to pregabalin which is less adictive but it doesn't seem to be doing much and i still need a small 0.

after over three years, i am now back to almost normal and will never take either of these drugs again. i can only sit down for short periiods of time because the back of my thighs and buttucks begin to hurt. may rarely cause inflammation (tendinitis) or tearing of a tendon (the cord that attaches muscles to bones). i was on cipro and levaquin most of the time along with avelox. they cause pain they seem to drain in different areas my feet fall asleep more color appears under the skin now it’s brownish in color. i called the doctor after taking a month with pain in my legs and that was the only thing new i had taken. too have been having problems for years since taking levaquin and cipro. for this reason, i shouldn’t have been given cipro–psoriasis sometimes develops into arthritis with age. took cipro a month ago and the tendons particularly in my right foot make walking really painful. i have been on cipro for a month and a half due to infection on my foot from a cut. also, if anyone wants to talk about a class action lawsuit against the makers of cipro please email me; this drug is ruining lives and needs to be pulled off the market.  his pc doctor didn't take in to account that the side effects of the medication could be the cause of the change, he just told my mom it was early stage of dimentia or that he had a mini stroke. may cause some people to become dizzy, lightheaded, drowsy, or less alert than they are normally. now i wonder if all my “fibro” pain has been caused by these drugs. my knees, arms, hands, elbows, shoulders and hips are in constant pain, and have been getting drastically worse in the last 2 months. have such pain in my foot from tendon damage after taking cipro for diverticulitus. i few months ago i hurt my back and am still hurting. i put two and two together and looked at the internet and realized this was my cause. seems cipro is prescribed as a first line drug for relatively minor problems when something else would be better - to be honest i would rather have put up with the original symtoms than go through this. years ago, i was halfway through my second round of cipro for a bladder infection. week i was given a prescription for cipro for a uti. however, once again, i experienced pain in the calves of my legs (left one particularily), and in the tendon behind the ankle of my right foot. i have ligament pain in my hips, knees, elbows and shoulders. i’m 27 now and while i’m better, i still get severe joint pain, especially in my shoulders and ankles. they are constantly in pain, sometimes the pain being extremely bad. mother has taken cipro for uti over the past years as prescribed by her doctor. with kidney disease should take cipro only under careful medical supervision, as special dosage modifications may have to be made. osteopaths should ask the question “have you been taking cipro or levaquin” if they don’t see a broken bone. i wasn’t familiar with cipro so i asked my doctor what it was.