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the gel is formulated to provide everything the plant needs to develop strong roots. Where can i buy oxytrol transdermal patch,

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each cell has a large air bubble in it that i've had a hard time clearing, the seal on several is broken and rooting medium is leaking from it. How to lower cholesterol with diet

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3x6=18 plus you can reuse the cell pack after your cuttings have rooted so that's 3x6x2=36.

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fun and easy way to start cuttings, clear containers allow you to see roots growing.

Planters' Pride Gel 2 Root, 6-Pack -

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on nov 28, 2008this is gel2root, a clean and easy way to grow plants from cuttings. Pink depression glass cake plate

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i will give it a try still but i would strongly recommend sticking with rooting gel/powder and soil.

Gel 2-Root (2-Pot Pack) | 51228 | Grow Plant Cuttings | 125ml Pot ,

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is a nontoxic gel based rooting system for use with softwood cuttings, and is popular with beginners, novice and expert gardeners.

Gel2Root Gel-Based Rooting System (Pack of 6)