Buy hyaluronic acid to make my own

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Buy hyaluronic acid to make my own

but will make a batch using the capsules while i wait for it . i read some articles suggesting that you should apply hyaluronic acid serum immediately after washing your face to remove as much surface oil as posible." hyaluronic acid can absorb over 1,000 times it weight in water letting it hydrate the skin and other cell tissues that it contacts. if high levels of hyaluronic acid can encourage growth in breast and colon cancer, i would never stop taking hyaluronic acid.  basically this makes a 1% hyaluronic acid serum which is exactly the correct amount for your skin. its my favorite – and i am so happy everyone is into hyaluronic acid now because it does work! contact sensitizers induce skin inflammation via ros production and hyaluronic acid degradation. either the pharmaceutical companies extract hyaluronic acid from rooster combs or they utilize bacteria in the laboratory to produce it. i make tiny batches for myself, keep it in the fridge, and use a. people can take hyaluronic acid safely, but we do not know enough about the long term use of hyaluronic acid. i believe hyaluronic acid provides many health benefits to users. my favorite brand is the 100 mg caps of hyaluronic acid produced by now foods. we have seen this report, and it makes no sense to us, logically speaking. acid works for wrinkles because the molecule swells after it absorbs water, and that plumps lines on the spot. hyaluronic acid freely penetrates the skin and can carry other ingredients deep into the bottom layer of the skin. acid (ha) has now superseded collagen as the go-to ingredient. hyaluronic acid rarely causes allergic reactions except some patients experienced a skin rash, pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site. if people are taking large doses of hyaluronic acid, they may want to avoid products containing cortisol and hydrocortisone. this can make skin feel dry, but the ha is still acting as a water loss barrier, keep the skin underneath happy. several studies show people applying hyaluronic acid as a gel, called gengigel helps reduce bleeding gums and other problems of gum disease. the lips are composed of connective tissue with hyaluronic acid and collagen giving the lips their shape and plumpness. according to the researchers, vegetables do not contain hyaluronic acid, but several vitamins and minerals help the body boost production of hyaluronic acid. i get my hyaluronic acid from the made from earth plant stem cell moisturizer – its uses botanical hyaluronic acid. i use lady soma’s renewal serum for my hyaluronic acid and will never stop using it., i just came across your blog and so excited to try to make my own hyaluronic serum. in eczema, the anti-inflammatory effect of high molecular weight as opposed to other size molecules makes it a preferable choice.  it’s so rewarding to make effective anti aging products for a fraction of the cost of a high-end product! during embryonic life, many different types of cells are behaving like these stem cells (indeed embryos are by their nature mainly stem cells – makes sense from a developmental perspective). furthermore, retinoic acid encourages the body to produce more hyaluronic acid, potentially doubling the hyaluronic acid in the skin's epidermis.  it is water soluble and can be added to a water based ingredient to make a gel.’ve been thinking about combining ha with the laa serum i make every week. was just wondering before i attempted to make this beautiful serum.

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wouldn’t this make it poor choice for dissolving ha? they prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid at low doses and stop the body from producing hyaluronic acid at large doses. fifty-kda hyaluronic acid upregulates some epidermal genes without changing tnf-α expression in reconstituted epidermis. the most common hyaluronic acid salt i see everywhere is sodium hyaluronate. i was teaching in bosnia and herzegovina, and i wanted to use up my hyaluronic acid before returning home to the united states. it certainly doesn’t make sense to promote inflammation on an already inflammatory process. i think you could also diy a ferulic acid with the vit c and e. we do not know whether sun exposure destroys hyaluronic acid, people can cover exposed body parts or wear sunscreen containing zinc or mexoryl sx daily. and tolerability of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid sodium salt 0.-i have not but i don’t see why you couldn’t try it-i don’t think it would make your hair greasy. isn’t sh the salt of hyaluronic acid so sh would be considered a safe alternative? (tranexamic acid) is used for short-term control of bleeding in hemophiliacs, including dental extraction pr. one of the most active gags is hyaluronic acid, and it also lubricates the fluid in the joint tissues, prevents the fluid from breaking down, and absorbs shocks. i have hyaluronic capsules for arthtitis that also contain lysene and vitamin c. (boswellic acid) is useful in treating arthritis and joint pain. touted by some as a “better” hyaluronic acid (ha) for skin application, low molecular weight  hyaluronic acid (lmw-ha) is in fact a potent stimulus for inflammation and scarring. strongly suggest you review any hyaluronic acid products you may use on yourself or others. most effective use for hyaluronic acid on the face is injecting it into deep wrinkles. it makes more sense then to use ha as the top layer. article, yet it seems that lmw-ha is considered safe to use in other quarters, which makes me a little confused. jenn, i am going to make this serum, i just ordered the hyaluronic acid and can’t wait to get to make the serum. the serum md page also features the quote “its powerful ingredients also make it the perfect post-procedure topical adjuvant following laser, microneedling, abrasive, and other ablative or collagen inducting medical esthetic treatments. are the ingredient provided:Aqua (water), sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, panthenol, ahnfeltia concinna extract, glycerin, pentylene glycol, propanediol, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, ppg-26-buteth-26, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate, citric acid, ethoxydiglycol, caprylyl glycol, hexylene glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin. so, to the extent sunlight or acids cause inflammation they would indirectly cause fragmentation through production of hyaluronidases., the article makes conclusions that are in conflict with the data they themselves present. we know that hyaluronic acid (ha) has many functions at all levels within the skin. with large amounts of hyaluronic acid in their bodies look younger and live longer. to find out, hyaluronic acid comes in a powder form much like the vitamin c we use for this and this post. making skin moisturizers, creams, and lotions recently added hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. hyaluronic acid reduces inflammation, restore joint fluids, relieves pain, and defends the cartilage from breaking down in osteoarthritis patients. hyaluronic acid protects our lips from the environment, giving us healthy, well-hydrated, and plump lips. look for products with hyaluronic acid listed near the top of the ingredient list, cause that means there is alot of it.

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Buy hyaluronic acid how to pronounce

is really interesting and what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. is it ok to stick with natural skin care products and vegan sources of hyalauronic acid or are they ripping me off? are not fans of using anything for microneedling that in not found naturally within the skin so ha and normal saline make the cut. what should i look for in the inci list to make sure i’m not getting the wrong kind of hyaluronic acid? every day, 1/3 of our hyaluronic acid degrades that the body synthesizes and replaces. i haven’t tried rose water but i for sure will-i bet that makes a great serum!, we just need to make sure you're not a robot.  this makes it especially problematic when you consider the application of ha when the skin barrier has been disrupted, e.  i prefer, rather then just shaking the bottle-to use a blender (a magic bullet is perfect) to really mix it up-it’s not 100% necessary but it really helps make sure you get that powder evenly distributed. above makes bft extremely skeptical of the efficacy of ha in arthritis. after applying hyaluronic acid to the skin, stay out of direct sunlight for at least one hour. of course, i pay 0 per year to take 200 mg of hyaluronic acid daily, which is far cheaper than many prescription drugs. food & drug administration (fda) approved hyaluronic acid for treating osteoarthritis, but patients experience different results. – there is new research out that furthers the argument we make about the inflammatory nature of lmw-ha, and the mechanism of action includes the activation of macrophages (tissue eating white cells).) throw in the fact that every famous pretty face wants in on the action, and it makes the wild west look tame. when taken as oral supplements, the hyaluronic acid can improve collagen production, slowing down (possibly) the aging process. after taking hyaluronic acid, these problems disappeared, but i developed an occasional dry cough and a ravenous appetite. they also add 50 mg of alpha lipoic acid and 25 mg of grape seed extract. we find hyaluronic acid in the connective tissues of animals, we can eat the connective tissues of animals to provide our bodies with hyaluronic acid. i’m using a particular product by devita skincare that i really enjoy atleast it feels good on my skin it is the hyaluronic surugel it is supposed to be 1percent hyaluronic acid and it just says vegan source.  it is so simple to make-you literally pick your water base (distilled water or hydrosols) and then sprinkle hyaluronic acid over the top, close the lid and shake. hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient in cosmestic products hydrates the skin making it smoother, more radiant, and relieve dryness.), vit c, vit e, niacinamide, green tea, resveratrol grape seed oil, curcuminoids (from tumeric), isoflavones, ceramides, linoleic acid, and most recently added, growth factors and cytokines from human stem cell culture., yes, and … hyaluronic acid comes in bulk as a solid which is then dissolved in water to become an ha solution.  because our bodies make it – it is completely natural to humans – and therefore very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. hmw hyaluronic acid what molecular weight in kda would you recommend using? this info is given under the faq section for that product, under the question “what is the difference between sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid? collagen firms the skin while hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the collagen. the standard solution for ha is 1% (that is, 1 gm per 100 ml) and anything much higher than that makes a solution that is too viscious to be usable. thus, researchers do not recommend patients take hyaluronic acid after knee arthroscopy. there – i have 1% hyaluronic acid already in gel form – does this need further dilution or can i use it as is? fetal wounds (scare free non-inflammatory healing) have essentially zero lmw-ha present, while older adult wounds (scarring, inflammatory) have a mix of lmw and hmw hyaluronic acid molecules.

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fragments of the extracellular matrix component hyaluronic acid (sha) are typically produced at sites of inflammation and tissue injury and have been shown to be associated with tumor invasiveness and metastasis. hyaluronic acid in the correct quantities raises the fluid between the cells, creating a smoother, moisturized skin, by binding with the water molecules. if people do not want chicken broth, then they can utilize tendons, bones, or skin of most animals to make a broth. 9, 2015 by jenni 121 comments i think everyone has probably heard of hyaluronic acid.  the water is what makes young skin look even, wrinkle free and healthy. however, people lowering their levels of hyaluronic acid can reduce or slow the growth of breast and colon cancer cells. then comes aha and bha (acids that promote exfoliation), vit a (retin-a, retinol, etc. i’ll share soon-i just need to make sure i get proportions right so the waters and oils don’t negate it! found a bellevolve advanced hyaluronic serum containing both hydrolized nano form and a sodium hylaronate they make it sound terrific but that’s marketings job so i’m confused is that bad or good. off let’s get one thing straight-hyaluronic acid is not what we think of when we hear the word acid. surgeons can use hyaluronic acid to fill and thicken the lips. if you have access to what scientific claims they make, and the studies used to substantiate those claims, we would love you to share. as we age, the eye tissues lose hyaluronic acid even though hyaluronic acid supports the eye structures. what doesn’t doesn’t kill you makes you tougher? hydrolized hyaluronic acid the same as the lmw stuff talked about here? acid (ha) is ubiquitous in mammals, forming a key component of connective tissue in our bodies. i am planning to sell a hyaluronic acid but i’m playing around with low weight and high weight. molecular weight hyaluronic acid is capable of penetrating below skin’s surface, but not much deeper than that. contain hyaluronic acid in the vitreous fluid, giving them their shape and characteristics. moreover, hyaluronic acid makes an excellent moisturizer because it retains 1,000 times its weight in water within the skin's cells. i try to make it a worthwhile trip by planning ahead: i order multiple items at once (i keep a wish list with amazon for items i don’t need right away), i go down with not much more gas than i need to get there and fill up in the us. you could buy ha in bulk and make your own (until we get rejuvv out there). some patients report a moderate improvement in joint stiffness and reduced pain with hyaluronic acid treatment while others feel no pain relief. however, i had the lump for seven years, way before i started taking hyaluronic acid, which brings me to my last point. some scientists believe villagers eat unique foods that enhance their body's production of hyaluronic acid. once ha gets to the gut it gets digested, hydrolysed, broken down to peptides and amino acids. postshyaluronic pumpkin serum diymychelle dermaceuticals-vitamin c & hyaluronic aciddiy beauty sleep in a bottleeminence stone crop serummake up primer & finishing spray3 remedies for the dry skin blues….  as we age, especially in the late 30’s to early 40’s, the amount of hyaluronic acid our skin has, greatly decreases.-i’m afraid i can’t help-i’m not too excited about getting my hyaluronic acid on amazon because i question the quality. acid provides support for healthy joint function and maintaining joint shock absorption and cushioning. stephen, this article makes conclusions from its own data that i disagree with. when you see most of the japanese toning lotions and milks containing hydrolized hyaluronic for the low price point, on the other end, of course butylene glycol being a main ingredient in a lot of those products too which i’m not convinced helps.

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    since all molecules are nano anyway, it makes even less sense. taking hyaluronic acid, i never had any serious medical problems. hyaluronic acid forms protective mesh-like molecules around cells, giving connective tissue rigidity, viscosity and elasticity. without hyaluronic acid, our gum tissue would become unhealthy and could bleed. unfortunately, the molecules for hyaluronic acid become too long for the body to absorb in the intestinal tract. oneself to the sun, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun's rays may destroy the hyaluronic acid in the skin. what is the difference between hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate? thus, no other biological substance can retain as much water as hyaluronic acid making our skin smooth and soft with few wrinkles. although treatment can be expensive, the patient must return to the doctor for repeated injections because the body breaks down and absorbs the hyaluronic acid. quercitin has well known anti-inflammatory properties so i cannot make sense of that reaction. inject hyaluronic acid into the eye during eye surgery such as removing cataracts, treating glaucoma, transplanting corneas, repairing detached retinas, or operating on other eye injuries. it may be safe, but we do not know enough about the safety of hyaluronic acid when pregnant women take it by mouth or apply it to their skin. as we grow older, the body produces less hyaluronic acid, causing the hyaluronic acid concentration in the skin to fall. use restylane that contains hyaluronic acid, and it is the only fda-approved wrinkle filler on the market. – what do you make of the danne montague king line- cannot find a decent review on it due to it being deemed ‘paramedical’ – and i’ve also been using it for years and getting the cinnamon facial and the alkaline facial – thank you! in central asia, the soviet koreans make a delicacy from the chicken combs. are here: home / diy skin care / diy hyaluronic acid serumdiy hyaluronic acid serum.. i am about to make my own ha 1% serum (using water with the ha). people who are allergic to poultry or poultry products, such as eggs should avoid hyaluronic acid and its products. they suffer from a defect in their hyaluronic acid metabolism that disrupts many developmental pathways. the ingredients in order are water, sodium hyaluronate, panothenic acid, and phenoxyethanol. if a store or pharmacy sells hyaluronic acid, then the concentration was small and usually part of joint supplements. if women are breast-feeding, they should not use hyaluronic acid, even by injection. wrote this blog, so people have access to comprehensive, nontechnical information about hyaluronic acid. it’s the perfect alignment of demand (everyone wants to look better and slow the aging clock, particularly women), unwary consumers (very few people have the knowledge and background to make informed discerning judgments about ingredients), marketing chicanery (outright lies and fantasies, admittedly once in a while with an occasional kernel of truth), and huge profit opportunities (even if the consumer only buys your product once..make new healthy tissue) but also tell them to make more of the same molecule. consequently, i raised my daily dosage to 300 mg, but i want my body to boost hyaluronic acid naturally without relying on supplements. can use hyaluronic acid to slow down the aging process, or at least hide the direct effects of aging. started taking 100 mg pills of hyaluronic acid daily in december 2008. you can buy the original hyaluronic acid serum 100% pure 2 oz. for best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. under: diy skin care tagged with: anti aging, diy hyaluronic acid serum, dry skin, hyaluronic acid, serum.

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    that is an issue presumably one would want to give low mw hyaluronic acid a particularly wide berth right after ipl treatment for rosacea? bronzing by ultraviolet rays may make you look better for a while – but eventually catches up with you and actually accelerates aging in the long run. even tissues around our nerves and the synovial fluid between our joints contain hyaluronic acid. after the initial injection, the body assimilates and consumes the hyaluronic acid within six months. they do not know if hyaluronic acid causes the tumor or becomes a byproduct of the tumor. we find almost half the body's hyaluronic acid in the collagen of the skin. after a month, i reduced my hyaluronic acid to 200 mg daily because i started taking astaxanthin, which reduced the pains in my legs.  when i read this book i realized hyaluronic acid is actually a natural substance that is already found in our bodies. i prefer to make my own vitamin c with just the water and ascorbic acid which i spray on my body once every 2-3 days. have claimed hyaluronic acid supplements can treat the following health problems or improve their quality of life:Boost energy and reduce chronic fatigue syndrome. i will say that my lmw hyaluronic acid from bulk actives took forever to get to me-i realized it is coming from japan. furthermore, hyaluronic acid acts as a shock absorber in our joint tissues. those ingredients do appear in the serum md page, which makes me think that actually that is intended as the immediate post-needling product? ok sheri, cause the form of ha you bought makes it liquid, not gel. they just boil the parts in water and drink the broth for the hyaluronic acid. since i travel a lot, i went on a quest to find a stable source of hyaluronic acid. finally, hyaluronic acid helps the body create new cells and removes wastes from cells including cells with little blood circulation.–have you had a chance to try the “simply essential” hylauronic acid in your serum? i’d love to make my own, and wonder if you have any other suppliers to recommend. before the 1980's, scientists referred to hyaluronic acid as the "goo" molecule. consequently, we should drink from eight to ten glasses of pure water every day because hyaluronic acid functions better if we fully hydrate our bodies. i also make this in a bigger batch and use this on my legs. i have been using the pc hyaluronic acid booster for some time now (and it is fairly expensive so i want to know it’s doing some good). this makes it less likely to grow bacteria in it over night. through a study, hyaluronic acid failed to reduce pain or improve the functioning in the patients when compared to a control. would really really love clarification on some of the info on the ante age md product line website:On the accelerator md page, it says “its powerful ingredients also make it the perfect post-procedure topical adjuvant following laser, microneedling, abrasive, and other ablative or collagen inducting medical esthetic treatments.“as high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (hmw-ha) is depolymerized in sites of inflammation or tissue injury, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (lmw-ha) fragments result…. but read the label to make sure it is in fact pure and not containing other stuff.’m wondering if there are any other places to buy hyaluronic acid besides amazon. but i have rosacea and there have been those in online forums which experienced improvement in their symptoms using a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid gel (bionect), which is marketed towards irritated skin. unfortunately, no one knows whether hyaluronic acid might delay or lessen progressive joint damage with the long-term use. it is cold, i add 1/2 tsp of hyaluronic acid, put the lid on it and place it back in refrigerator until it turns to gel.
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      acid, in one form or another is found in many products because it is such a great hydrator, and plump moist skin looks better than dry skin with less volume. patients can take hyaluronic acid orally and/or the doctors inject hyaluronic directly in the affected knees and joints. that being said, i’ve wondered if i could make my laa serum without vg and then refrigerate it and then combine with a ha and vg mix. the company hylunia produces pure hyaluronic acid and sells it to exclusive spas and internet customers. 2014 may;7(5):15-8efficacy and safety of a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid topical gel in the treatment of facial seborrheic dermatitis final report. acid is also called glycoaminoglycan, glycoaminoglycane, hyaluran, hyaluronan, hyaluronate sodium, hylan, and sodium hyaluronate. have noticed a physiological abnormality associated of progeria - patients excrete high levels of hyaluronic acid in the urine. the chicken's skin, whether attached or in a broth, contains a high source of hyaluronic acid. people possess plump, smooth, and highly elastic skin because they have high concentrations of hyaluronic acid that maintains healthy skin. of course, this tissue contains hyaluronic acid that helps regenerate fresh healthy gum tissue, nourishes the tissues, provides hydration, and reduces inflammation. dermatologists, doctors, and cosmetic surgeons can inject hyaluronic acid into the skin to plump up severe wrinkles or eliminate skin imperfections. our resist hyaluronic acid booster uses a combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate for a cocktail approach to skin-identical ingredient and nmf (natural moisturizing factor). is of considerable interest that organic “contact sensitizers”  induce production of reactive oxygen species (ros) and a concomitant breakdown of the extracellular matrix (ecm) component hyaluronic acid (ha) to pro-inflammatory low molecular weight fragments in the skin. both hyaluronic acid and collagen are important because they maintain the skin's layers and structure. hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and hair, and fills the eyes.  basically, when hyaluronic acid is abundant in the skin, the skin looks smooth, plump and dewy. person has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronic acid with the highest concentrations in the fluids in the eyes and joints. hyaluronic acid fills the space by binding with water, maintaining wrinkle-free skin.  the blender seems to thicken the serum up almost immediately so this makes it hard to put it in a bottle with a small neck-since you are making such a small batch, you could use a small glass jar-it would be much easier! my hyaluronic acid is 100% too so whatever amount of liquid you use, use 1% of ha. third, the ha molecule has binding sites that can hold (and make available) bioactive molecules such as growth factors. i haven’t used vitamin c with hyaluronic acid, plus i don’t have a stable form of vitamin c. furthermore, it removes waste products, often acidic in nature, arising from the destruction of the cartilage and hence easing joint pain. they use it as a marketing ploy, so it makes no sense for them to put in something that costs more if they aren’t going to advertise it as such. my wife, whose makeup was often purloined to make my face more presentable for social events, was thrilled.  i mean, you can go to walmart  and find loads of skin care products that contain hyaluronic acid. make sure the formulator didn’t fall prey to marketing materials from one of those too-clever-by-half ingredients manufacturers who make up a good story but haven’t a clue about the real science. the hyaluronic acid may scavenge the oxidants and free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation. applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid may not be as potent and may not yield the same results as an injection. would i be able to use this to make the serum. phytoestrogens behave like estrogen in our bodies, helping to produce more hyaluronic acid. thus, hyaluronic acid retains the water, keeping the collagen moist and elastic.
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      you have any comments on the angiogenic effect of low mw hyaluronic acid when it comes to rosacea? so during fetal life skin and other tissues make a lot of their own tgf beta-3 driven by the genetic imperative to develop into a infant human capable of surviving outside the womb. acid to your hyaluronic acid and make one amazing serum if you’d like. i think i might try to make some of this sometime 🙂 thanks for keeping us up to date with interesting things. i wanted to know whether some foods contain hyaluronic acid or whether some foods can encourage the body to produce more hyaluronic acid naturally. the hyaluronic acid holds water forming a gelatinous fluid that moisturizes the surrounding tissue and keeps the collagen nourished and healthy. low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: its effects on epidermal gene expression & skin ageing./2- 1 tsp dmae powder (it makes the serumless viscous and has it’s own benefits). touted by some as a "better" hyaluronic acid (HA) for skin application, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (LMW-HA) is in fact a potent stimulus forThursday, 6 march 2014. acid and would like to know can i use hyaluronic acid at the same time or wat is the order to use both (l. nevertheless, you may want to stop using hyaluronic acid and see a doctor if you experience any serious side effects. fragments of the extracellular matrix component hyaluronic acid (sha) are typically produced at sites of inflammation and tissue injury and have been shown to be associated with tumor invasiveness and metastasis.  as with collagen, the younger our skin is, the more hyaluronic acid our skin has. hyaluronic acid is one of the most water-loving molecules in nature, they refer to it as "nature's moisturizer. during the aging process coupled with excessive sun exposure, our skin cells slow down the production of hyaluronic acid, or simply change how it functions in the body. do you feel about the ordinay’s hyaluronic acid + b5 serum based off the ingredient list? you say ha or hyaluronic acid, are you also saying that sodium hyaluronate is a bad thing and that because it is low molecular weight, it should be avoided? as we become older, we expel more hyaluronic acid in our urine, although not the large levels we observe in progeria patients. Learn how to make an easy homemade serum using only water and hyaluronic acid! hyaluronic acid forms no covalent bonds to proteins or sulfates, so the body does not mount an immune response against it. since hyaluronic acid lubricates the eye tissues, people can take oral supplements of hyaluronic acid to relieve dry eyes and improve their eyesight. do not want to depend entirely on supplements and pills for hyaluronic acid. of course, if you’re going to make such a fancy serum, you’ll need a fancy label! the preservatives are not ones we consider to be troublemakers. also i can understand using distilled water to make ha serum because ha is water soluble, but hydrosols uses a different distilling process used to extract plant oils. my thought is that maybe you could make your ha serum first then add laa to it. i also found hyaluronic acid supplements in manila, philippines, specifically in mercury pharmacies in makati city, the affluent suburb of manila, philippines.  i had read in several different places that in order to make a serum i needed high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. some believe hyaluronic acid slows the effects of aging, and they promote it as the "fountain of youth. after seeing that you felt like the the original hyaluronic acid serum 100% pure 2 oz. by the time we reach our mid-40s, our bodies are producing half the hyaluronic acid that we require. i make mine in a wide mouth jar, then transfer over to an airless pump dispenser once it’s all set and mixed.
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