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 it’s like someone took the already damned gorgeous panoramic roof of the model x and dragged it all the way to the back. tesla vehicles are evs (electric vehicles), which are transforming the way people drive and move. car clearly borrows much of its design language from the model s, but it’s hardly just a miniaturized clone.

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. on friday, tesla received almost 150,000 orders in stores for the model 3, which looks to, in all likelihood, push evs into the mainstream and revolutionize how we drive. while deliveries for the model x suv, first unveiled in february 2012, didn’t come to fruition until september 2015, the billionaire paypal founder said he felt “fairly confident” deliveries will begin in [year end] 2017 for customers who’ve made the ,000 reservations. in terms of the interior display and user interface, all controls are housed in a 15-inch horizontal display as opposed to the 17-inch vertically orientated unit currently seen in other teslas.

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the car i rode in was an all-wheel-drive dual-motor version which would cost more than ,000, but also be more powerful that the base model. almost a little surreal; like someone was modeling the car in clay and forgot to carve the grill, took a step back, and said “oh, hey, that actually looks pretty good like that. hopes the model 3 will help boost its sale figures and increase the number of its electric vehicles on the road.

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, tesla has established a coherent design vocabulary with the model s and model x; the model 3 is a clear melding of that basic design ethos. musk stuck by his promise that the model 3 will go on sale by the end of next year. tweets by the billionaire followed a note in the company's earnings release on wednesday that the model 3 is on schedule for deliveries in late 2017.

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’re pretty much expecting tesla model 3 enthusiasm to build to a fever pitch over the coming week." after the launch event at the automaker's southern california design studio, tesla executives gave guests brief rides in prototype model 3 cars. model 3 will extend tesla’s reach into india, brazil and other global markets.

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that’s a big ol’ touchscreen, similar to the one found in the model s… but it’s now a 15″ landscape (wide) screen, rather than a 17″ portrait screen. reference, that’s around 3x as many cars as tesla delivered in all of 2015 (50,580). musk said the model 3 will seat five comfortably, and he emphasized "comfortably.

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to cooling needs unlike that of a gasoline-driven vehicle, the most obvious, and controversial, part of the car that shows evolution of the tesla design language is the bold absence of a grille. in fact, no one outside of tesla employees did — unlike at the debut of the model x, this one was just a ride-along. tesla's enormous new nevada gigafactory should also be able to produce more than enough lithium ion batteries to meet demand.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla Model 3 Will Cost ,000: Would

text, much of it legal boilerplate about the nature of the document—it’s specifically not a contract of sale—notes that tesla has “sole discretion” over the priority of orders. notes that tesla motors will contact the signer “as the model 3 enters production” to formalize the order. such, good photos of the model 3 — outside of the ones that tesla has released themselves (which seem to be renders, for the most part) — might be hard to come by.

Elon Musk reveals you can reserve a ,000 Tesla Model 3 from

the handles on this prototype are notably curvier than the handles of the model s or x, though. tesla has gone public as of june 29, 2010 and has a market cap of . also acknowledge that, if you purchase a model 3, the model 3 may not be delivered to you until the end of 2017 or later.

's entry-level ,000 model 3 electric car will be available for preorder on march 31, chief executive elon musk announced thursday on twitter. said that model 3 demand will be high due to its cheaper price, but tesla will still need to push consumers to take the leap of faith on electric cars. the battery-powered model 3 will offer about 215 miles (346 kilometers) range per charge in its most basic form.

while the speedometer is prominently featured in the top left-hand corner of screen, let's hope tesla at least adds a heads-up display so the information is directly in front of the person, and behind the wheel. the model 3 has officially entered one of the most cutthroat auto segments. the model 3’s base price still makes it pricier than a honda accord or toyota camry, it’s not significantly more expensive — and certainly nowhere near the financial stretch as the model s.

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like the larger model s, the model 3 has a trunk and a "frunk," meaning there are large storage areas at both ends of the car. model 3 has a front trunk and a rear hatch, with its engine (and batteries) built into the floor pan. company has already said that existing tesla owners will get higher priority in the model 3 queue than new buyers.

a curious stray from the norm, tesla had one strange rule at tonight’s model 3 unveiling: no “big” cameras allowed. the model 3 is the sedan the california-based automaker is betting will dramatically expand its customer base and help it reach sustainable profitability. we have a first look at the reservation agreement that depositors will be asked to sign when they put down ,000 to get a place in line for future model 3 production.

of the most interesting text is in the acknowledgements section, which reads:You understand that tesla may not have completed the development of model 3 or begun manufacturing model 3 at the time of your reservation. model 3 is tesla's entry-level offering, whereas the model s and model x suv carry hefty price tags.”much of the model 3's platform, tesla’s fourth car, is new, including the battery architecture and motor technology.
the model 3 follows in the footsteps of the roadster, the model s, and the model x., tesla motors ceo elon musk will reveal the design of the ,000, 200-mile electric car that the company plans to use to vault itself into sales of hundreds of thousands of cars a year.’ll see some different ones later on in this photo set, so this might be one of those details tesla hasn’t quite settled on yet — or, just as likely, there will be multiple options.