The best single engine airplane

, the new tecnam ptwentyten (as tecnam calls it) features a definite 172 look-alike appearance, though the italian airplane features a carbon-fiber fuselage with an all-metal wing, along with a non-steerable nosewheel, a simple, all-glass, electronic instrument panel bereft of analog gauges (all garmin g1000) and what appears to be an oversized cowling, the latter perhaps a prelude to a larger engine. current g36 bonanza (the “g” stands for garmin, if you hadn’t guessed) is considered by many to represent the peak of the single-engine pyramid. the single-engine m-class series – the meridian, mirage and matrix – offers businesses and individuals elegant performance and value.

Best single engine plane to own

it’s now the top of the company’s single-engine, four-seat line. engines burn jet fuel, and that makes them extremely popular overseas, where avgas is becoming more expensive and less available. with a convenient airstair door entrance and large cabin volume, the mirage projects sophistication and is the only pressurized piston-engine aircraft in production today.

Best single engine airplane to own

turbocharged mooney is essentially the same airplane as the ovation 3, except for the addition of an air research blower under the bonnet. specifically, a reasonably equipped airplane offers just over 600 paying pounds with a full 74 gallons in the tanks. the company also had never before sold a high-performance, low-wing single with gull wing doors.

Best single engine plane to own

at the time, there was only one pressurized single on the market, cessna’s p210n, and the malibu knocked it completely out of the box for a full year. advances in avionics, safety systems and creature comforts have improved single-engine airplanes to a level not imaginable 20 years ago. current top-of-the-line cirrus is the company’s (and the industry’s) most popular airplane.

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the sr22 sports a 310 hp tsio-550 continental capable of lifting the airplane to altitude at an initial 1,200 fpm and pushing the sr22 along at 180 knots. the twin class seneca v and seminole balance proven performance, efficiency and simplicity in twin-engine aircraft. though mooney-love is nearly as fanatical as bonanza fever, everyone knew that mooneys have always been highly labor-intensive airplanes.

The best single engine airplane

 ›  general aviation aircraft  ›  best buys on general aviation aircraft  ›  2016 piston singles. that was considered excellent performance for a fixed- gear, bonded single. it’s an airplane that can do most jobs assigned to it, training or transport, though not in actual ifr conditions.

Best single engine airplane to own

mirage continues as piper’s (and, arguably, the industry’s) most sophisticated piston single. virtually all airplanes these days, the g36 has more seats than payload. power is 300 hp from what’s rapidly becoming the world’s most popular big-bore piston engine, the 300 hp continental io-550b.

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’s recently introduced upscale version of the archer employs the continental td-155 turbodiesel engine and an mt propeller. the efficient lycoming engine provides the mirage with a range of 1,500 miles and a top speed of 245 mph. all piper airplanes feature advanced garmin avionics in the cockpit.

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straight-tail bonanzas have become perhaps the most iconic single-engine airplane.“a pressurized cabin, six seats, and a full-size air-stair door are unusual features for a piston-powered single-engine aircraft, but they are part of the package with the piper mirage,” wrote the luxury lifestyle magazine. both, the fixed-gear t-model and the retractable gear j-model, will be powered by continental diesel engines.

the owner has already constructed a chinese production facility and has delivered its first few airplanes to compliment american construction in kerrville, texas. years later, the sr-20 remains a popular airplane, though a distant second to its more powerful brother, the sr-22. aircraft engines and other systems are so bulletproof these days that the chance of a total loss of power is practically infinitesimal, but if you do run out of options and pull the overhead handle to deploy the parachute, you’ll be lowered to the ground with an impact no greater than 18 fps.

the most popular airplane in general aviation history soldiers on after some 60 years in production. the ng features an austro ae-300 turbodiesel engine, rated at 168 hp with an eecu single-lever power control and a three-blade mt constant speed prop. it’s still a simple, safe, 120- to 125-knot design with a fixed-pitch prop, an airplane capable of transporting 2+2 in relative comfort for up to five hours over distances as long as 600 nm.

Best single engine airplane to own

up until a few years ago, cessna claimed the ttx was the fastest piston airplane above the planet, but they eventually acknowledged that mooney’s acclaim s actually holds that title. the piper mirage is powered by a 350 hp dual turbocharged engine and has a 213 ktas cruising speed, as well as the ability to cruise up to 25,000 feet in pressurized comfort. at 3,600 pounds gross weight, the 22t is a substantial four/five seat single, but you’d never know it looking at the performance chart.

with a nearly 1,300-pound useful load and short-field performance not far behind the skylane, cessna’s largest piston single offers plenty of utility. with a max cruise listed at 235 knots (your speed may vary), the cessna single is the world’s fastest fixed-gear, piston-powered production airplane. service ceiling is well above normal human breathing capability, and the airplane can range 1,000 nm on a good day.

archers have used this basic engine for nearly 40 years, and the little four-cylinder lyc has proven to be extremely reliable. the multi-faceted stationair has been pressed into service as a freighter, charter airplane, skydiver transport, formation photo platform and even a backwoods bush bird. diesel powerplants benefit from a more efficient specific fuel consumption than conventional avgas engines.