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August 20-22,
Most Precious Blood hosted a Parish Mission.

Thank you to all who came to the Parish Mission.  

Night #1 – The Love of the Father 

Night #2 – The Relationship with the Son  


Night #3 – You are Transformed in the Holy Spirit

Find resources for after the Parish Mission – CLICK HERE 

What is a Parish Mission?

Why should you and your family come to the Parish Mission?

Get to know our Mission Speaker, Kristin Bird…

We asked our Mission Speaker, Kristin, When was your first personal encounter with God? Check out her story below…

 We asked our Mission Speaker, Kristin, When did you first “drop your nets” and what has your life been like since then? Check out her story below…

 We asked our Mission Speaker, Kristin, What does discipleship look like in your life?  Check out her story below…

Join us for a time of grace and renewal.  Discover how passionate God’s love is for you.  Uncover what it means to be wonderfully created and redeemed by Christ for happiness now and in eternal life. Our parish mission will awaken and revitalize your relationship with yourself and Jesus.  Come discover how to effectively invite others into that relationship.

During each evening, Kristin Bird, Executive Director of “Burning Hearts Disciples” will be presenting what it means to follow Jesus as His disciple and how to grow in relationship with Him.

More details to follow, but you do NOT want to miss this great way to kick off the year.
Invite your friends too!  All ages welcome. Babysitting available.

Mission Speaker: Kristin Bird

Kristin is a national Catholic speaker with over 15 years of experience in professional ministry and a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies. Kristin’s gift of teaching and passion for the faith enable her to craft dynamic talks and retreat experiences that demonstrate how Scripture and Tradition are relevant to our daily lives. She has inspired youth and adults around the country to learn more about their faith and to live it more deliberately. She and her husband Tony have 3 children and live in Oshkosh, WI. “Trying to set the world ablaze in the frozen tundra (Luke 12:49).”