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Thank you to all who made our Parish Mission a blessed experience for all who came.  May we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ together!

So what is next?  There are several ways that you can take the next step in your relationship with Jesus Christ:

  • Participate in a Small Discipleship Groups. These are small communities of people that support each other as they figure out what discipleship looks like in daily life.

  • Go on a retreat.   Retreats such as Christ Renews His Parish Women’s Retreat and the Men’s Prayer Retreat are ways to disconnect from the grind of daily life and reconnect with God in an intentional way.

  • Talk with someone.  If you are unsure what to do next, you can talk with someone.  If you would like to share your story, contact John Molloy at the parish office 407-365-3231 or

Here are some potential next steps…

Experience the Holy Spirit at work in real life stories, fellowship, prayer, humor,  and Sacraments.

Women’s Retreat:
September 8th through the 9th
Contact: Eleanor: 321-348-8470 or  



Though prayer is one of the essentials of a thriving faith, we often feel as if we’re talking to ourselves—or, worse, as if we’re talking to no one at all. How can something so vital to the Faith be so elusive?
Join us Septemeber 14/15 for a Men’s Retreat facilitated by Fr. George Nursey. The retreat weekend is designed to help men grow in both their faith and prayer life.


These small groups will gather weekly to share faith, grow in love and relationship with Christ, and participate in study opportunities.  Groups and study opportunities will be offered in parishioners’ homes; for this reason, space is limited- register early.

Jesus the Story You Thought You Knew (by Deacon Keith Strohm- 9-week book study), Deacon Keith invites you not just to read about Jesus, but to have a transformative encounter with him. This isn’t a book of theology or an abstract story with little impact on your real life. It is the story that can and will transform you if you are open to it. In these pages, you will discover who you truly are and what you were created for.

Stop by after Mass and at the Parish Mission to sign up for this 9 week Book Study.

Who Am I to Judge? (by Dr. Edward Sri- 8 weeks)  How do we talk about morality in a world that no longer believes in truth? When we’re bombarded with messages of “Be tolerant!” “Don’t judge!” and “Coexist!” many good people feel afraid to say anything is right or wrong anymore.  This 8-part study program gives us an important key to responding to relativism effectively—a Catholic moral worldview.  This study gives  Catholics greater confidence in God’s moral law, greater clarity in how to explain it effectively, and greater compassion for those with whom we disagree.

Stop by after Mass and at the Parish Mission to sign up for this 8 week Study.

Un Paseo Bíblico a través de la Misa: En Espanol. Estudio de 6 semanas sobre la Misa por el Dr. Edward Sri. Basado en la traducción revisada de la Misa, este estudio de seis partes lleva a los participantes en una emocionante gira por la Liturgia mientras explora las raíces bíblicas de las palabras y los gestos que experimentamos en la Misa y explica su profundo significado. Aprende, por qué decimos lo que decimos y hacemos lo que hacemos todas las semanas en la Misa. Las palabras y los gestos se verán bajo una nueva luz, dando nueva vida a la experiencia litúrgica.

Pase después de la Misa y en la Misión Parroquial para inscribirse en este Estudio de 6 semanas.

Next Steps for Youth…

Our parish Youth Minister, Joanna Ojeda, is one of the fruits of our strong Youth Ministry program. We see the fruits of her ministry in the many friendships made among our youth that go beyond sports and school. They get closer to God and to one another.

The Middle School Youth Ministry kick off is Saturday, August 25.
The High School Youth Ministry kick off is August 26.