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We are excited to announce that Rock the Universe artists “About the Author” are coming to perform at Most Precious Blood! The concert will be Friday, January 26th at 7:30 PM.

Join us for a great evening of fellowship & Music! 

Learn more about the Musicians:
Before the start of every book, there is a short section titled “About the Author,” which allows the reader a deeper look into the heart and life of the writer of the story. This is the idea motivating Derek and Mark’s music. Coming at it with a candid and heartfelt approach, they continue to write songs and sing about Christ in hopes that all who hear their music will have a better understanding of who He is.

The name “About The Author” holds a double meaning for Derek and Mark, reminding them continually that their music, passion, platform, calling, and entire lives are first and foremost “About The Author.”    “At any given time, we’re all worshiping something; it’s just a matter of what,” says Mark. “When people are watching us on stage, we hope that it’s not us they see, but a reflection of Christ. Whether it’s through songs, scripture, or a good meal with friends, we hope that in all that we do, we’ll be connecting people with their Savior.”


Before the Concert, there will be a family potluck starting at 6:30.  Join us for fellowship and a great family meal!

General Admission Tickets are $10
Children 12 and under are $5


You can listen to the group and get more information about them by visiting their website at