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VBS - Day 2
God gives us what we need,
so...trust God!

Natural Family Planning

Did  you Know...
In 2005, The World Health Organization
(WHO) classified oral contraceptives as Group I Carcinogens (group I being the most dangerus)?

When practiced correctly, NFP has an unin
ended pregnancy rate of less than 0.2%?

The divorce rate among couples practicing
NFP is less than 5%?

Want to learn more ?
NFP Classes are taught throughout our Diocese. For dates and to register, please contact Barbara & Greg Nelsen (407) 260-8679. Classes are held at St. Mary Magdalen, Altamonte Springs, FL Workshops begin at 7PM on all dates. Or, learn at home through the Couple to Couple League! Visit their website: ccli.org

Learn what the Church teaches about NFP
Visit the link to the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) on Catholic Teaching. Click here

Ministry of Catechist (Teacher)

Have you felt you were being called to share your faith with our young people? Have you wondered who a Catechist is and
what a Catechist does?

Please contact Gail Schwalm, Director of Faith Formation,
with any questions you may have—no strings attached.
CONTACT: Gail Schwalm 407-365-3231 x120 
or gschwalm@oviedocatholic.org