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“You who once were far off have become near by the Blood of Christ”
-Eph 2: 13

Thank you for your generous support of our Collection this past weekend for the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.  Through your donations, we were able to collect $11,322. to support their efforts.  May God bless you and please keep our missionaries in your prayers.

Message from V. Rev. Jeffrey S. Kirch, C.PP.S. Provincial Director

It is our mission to share the Word of God on Sunday then live the Word for the rest of the week. We are all part of a missionary church, all called to go forth at the end of every Mass to spread the Good News.

Like us, you are part of the Church, so you know that it can be demanding. It takes us to places we never thought we would go. It leads us to live as missionaries. “Missionaries are not statues,” St. Gaspar said. We want our Missionaries to be in motion, finding ways to serve the people with the eternal truth that they need NOW.

Do you also feel that missionary spirit, part of the mission that Christ gave to his church? Does the Holy Spirit inspire you to reach out to others, sometimes in ways that you could not have managed on your own? Are you drawn to those whom others have rejected or cast aside?

We hope that you will consider being a part of our mission with your prayers and your support. Your gift to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood will be shared with our brothers and sisters in Latin America.  We pray daily for those who support us, and ask that you remember us in your prayers.

I will leave you with one last quote from St. Gaspar. He said we are to “serve God with holy joy.” As you know, being a part of the Church can bring many things to our lives: a feeling of fellowship, of reverence and awe, of spiritual support. But it can also lead to deep joy, knowing that we are part of the great net that Jesus uses to draw others near to him. We are each a strand of that net, sometimes strong, and sometimes relying on the strength of others.

We thank you for considering strengthening our net with your support, and we pray that you experience the full joy that the life of a missionary can bring.

To learn more about the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, visit their website at

St. Gaspar del Bufalo, who founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in 1815, knew from an early age that he wanted to be a priest. That longing manifested itself in many ways, one of which was Gaspar’s treks from home when he was still a boy to bring food and comfort to the poor farm families who came to a crowded square in Rome to sell what they had grown. Gaspar visited prisoners; he ministered to the sick; he was drawn to those who needed help to see that Jesus had shed his Precious Blood to save all people, including those who feel isolated or cast off.

Because Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross reconciled all people to their Creator, the Missionaries consider reconciliation as central to their ministry. The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ has saved us. That salvation is not reserved for the few; through his sacrifice, Jesus saved all of creation from sin and torment.

The Missionaries have profound respect for the sacrament of reconciliation and the joy and peace it can bring to troubled hearts. They seek out places where reconciliation is badly needed, in countries and neighborhoods that have been torn apart by strife and violence.

The Missionaries also promote healing in quiet ways, in families and from person to person. They walk with people in turmoil, who are reeling from the pain that life sometimes delivers—or that we sometimes deliver to ourselves. Missionaries work to bring people back together, to draw them near through the Blood of Christ. They promote peace and understanding in a neighborhood or between feuding family members.

In all these ways, they bring the Precious Blood of Jesus to those who are suffering, conflicted or alienated. Through their words and actions, they set out to demonstrate God’s boundless love for his children.

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood are a worldwide religious congregation, serving God’s people in nearly 20 countries. The largest unit is a province. In total, there are seven provinces, four vicariates, and six missions. Our general leadership (or Generalate) is located in Rome, Italy, but we also serve in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

There are two provinces in the United States:

  1. Cincinnati Province (east of the Mississippi and California).

  2. Kansas City Province (west of the Mississippi), which has a mission in Vietnam.

Visit the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Cincinnati Province website to learn more about all the work they are doing around the country and around the world.