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Starting June 9/10 we will begin a catechesis on The Mass, which will take place at every Mass for the next four weeks. Each Sunday, the Priest will offer brief reflections on the meaning and purpose of the sacred actions and prayers of the Mass. We are offering this catechesis to help us grow in our experience and understanding of the sacred Liturgy, and in our living the Mass in our daily lives. The Clergy’s comments will require that they briefly interrupt the flow of the Mass at a different part each week. Rest assured that the interruptions will be temporary; we believe that in the end, it will be beneficial for all.








June 9th & 10th: PART 1-  Why Go to Mass?

  • All Baptized Catholic are required to attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation

  • The Third Commandment requires us to “keep holy the Sabbath Day”.

  • At the Last Supper on the evening, before Our Lord Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to the Father for our sins, he gave his disciples the memorial of his death and resurrection.

  • Only at Mass do we hear the Word of God publicly proclaimed to God’s people and explained in the homily

  • Only at Mass is the saving sacrifice of Christ present for us to join the offering of own our lives—our work, our blessings, our joys and sorrows, our relationships—with his perfect self-offering to the Father.

Video recordings coming soon!  Stay tuned…