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To counter the Supreme Court Decision to legalized abortion, we are conducting our Annual Baby Bottle Drive. Sanford Pregnancy Center and JMJ Pregnancy Center provide women healthy, moral and safe choices, with prospects for real healthcare.

Please support the lifesaving work of these centers. Pick up a Baby Bottle after Mass the weekend of January 23rd & 24th, fill it with spare change and return it to us by February 20th. 

Fill a bottle, save a baby – and a mother!


All proceeds go to Oviedo Pregnancy Center and JMJ Pregnancy Center.

Please return all baby bottles (either FULL or EMPTY) by February 20th.

Baby with BottleClick the links below to learn more about the centers:

 JMJ Pregnancy Center
Sanford Pregnancy Center


JMJ Pregnancy Center has created a series of short videos on Lessons learned by the Baby Bottle Drive. We invite you to watch with your family as you collect your change this month. Please Click Here to see the videos.

The 198 crosses on the lawn outside our Parish Life Center represent the 198 lives that are ended daily by abortion in the state of Florida alone.  Nationwide, the number is even higher… the equivalent of two preschool classes every hour.  We pray for our wounded world, the unborn, the mothers, and all who are affected by abortion.  May the love of Jesus bring us to recognize the sanctity of all human life, from conception to natural death.